AuIn Microbumps

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Faraday Solutions, LLC is capable of implementing new processes or equipment in both small prototype or manufacturing lines. We are experienced in working with vendors and suppliers to create new tools and chemical formulations to meet the needs of the client. Through collaboration with trusted vendors, formulations can be tailored to match specific requirements for optimization a critical process. External research or a search of our databases can be conducted to provide a list of resources for down selecting appropriate candidate materials for process development or replacement as advancements in new materials are made. Very often in the course of development or even in mature processes, problems can arise which cannot be immediately solved. Faraday Solutions, LLC has the necessary experience to determine sources of variation, optimize and bring processes into control. We also can help with creation of intellectual property from new processes or structures and perform preliminary patent and literature searches.


composite conductive  

The knowledge and skills gained in over 26 years in semiconductor package development can not only be applied to that field but to diverse industries as well. For instance, plating and vacuum deposition techniques can be used in the creation and improvement of concentrators or photovoltaics for solar energy devices. MIcrofabrication processes developed for flip chip bumping of wafers can be applied to develop MEMS and biomedical devices. Chemical analysis and materials characterization procedures can be used to determine the causes of corrosion, perform mining and mineral assays or find metallurgical failures in micromachined medical devices.