Faraday Solutions

A consulting/contract solution for your R&D or manufacturing chemistry needs in process development and materials knowledge.


Bill Lytle is Faraday Solutions, a highly innovative and motivated scientist with proven problem solving skills. Bill is an expert in both electrolytic and electroless metal plating.  He holds a Master of Science degree in chemistry with solid experience in metal deposition, etching and polymer technologies, such as temporary adhesives—all of which have created an excellent background for process development as well as identifying and solving engineering problems. Bill is also experienced in directing the transfer of new developments from the laboratory to the manufacturing environment.


Bill Lytle received a B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Cincinnati, and M.S. degree from Arizona State University in inorganic and solid state chemistries. He joined Motorola in 1982 working in the area of semiconductor packaging initially working in flip chip bumping development.  Bill developed expertise in electrolytic copper and lead free plating processes as well as seed metal etchants for flip chip bump applications.  Later he developed an electroless nickel under bump metallization process for low cost flip chip bumping applications which included work on green solder pastes as well. More recently he initiated development of Freescale’s revolutionary Redistributed Chip Package (RCP), an embedded die platform for both single and multi chip modules and developed several of its key processes. Currently Bill is the founder of Faraday Solutions, LLC assisting small companies develop plating and packaging processes for solar, medical device and other applications. Bill holds 25 issued US patents. He also co-authored a book chapter on lead-free alloy plating in Semiconductor Packaging (2005), a CRC Press publication and over 20 professional journal publications.